Socio-Economic Development

East London Airport support Overton Primary School 

August 2014: East London Airport sponsored Overton Primary School with a refurbished assembly block and a drainage facility.   Over the rainy seasons the school would experience flooding over the assembly point and block entry to the classrooms.


East London Airport support Fort Grey Primary School 

August 2014: East London can still be a very cold place in the month of August. Fort Grey Primary School is one of the schools where infrastructure is earnestly needed. The ceiling was dilapidated and walls had holes. The cold would penetrate the students as they tried to learn.

East London Airport saw it necessary to help as part of our Socio Economic Development plan. The airport assisted by fitting tiles, fixing the roof, erecting ceiling and plastering the walls.  



Nelson Mandela day - East London Airport giving back 67 minutes 

18th July 2014 East London Airport team commemorated Mandela Day at Salem Baby Care Centre, a Non-profit organization providing daily care for destitute mothers and their children.

East London Airport made a donation of Reading Books, Baby Bottles and Baby Blankets. The day also included the staff of the airport diving their time by preparing lunch for the people at the centre, reading to the kids and cleaning.

The beneficiaries at the centre were thankful and sang songs of gratitude.





East London Airport Support Young Cricket Development

East London Airport as part of its Socio-Economic Development initiatives is always looking for a good cause to support. This lead the airport to partner with the Makhaya Ntini Cricket Academy. The academy will be responsible for identifying cricket talent within East London's previously disadvantaged townships.  


Michael Kernekamp Airport Manager said this during his speech "selecting the Makhaya Ntini Cricket Academy as one of our beneficiaries was no brainer; the benefits that can be derived from this institution are so big as they speak for themselves. When it comes to nurturing and developing sportsmen and sportswomen to their full potential it is a well-known fact and global best practice that to be successful you have to identify talent at a very young age and then develop that talent if you want to be successful on a global scale, that is exactly what this academy is all about. East London Airport is proud to be part of this initiative that is investing in these young players today knowing that it will be an investment not only in their future but also in the life's of so many other people connected to them".


During the ceremony, children stood on the field and formed a "67" while a helicopter flew over balloons were released to the sky.


Makhaya Ntini started this academy is part of his selfless vision, to give back to the community. As Airports Company South Africa – East London Airport we salute Makhaya and we hope that this is only the beginning of our ongoing support to help built to the success of this academy.