Socio-Economic Development

Project: "Serving" combined with Nelson Mandela Day

18 July 2014: Kimberly Airport took to revamping the depilated house of Gogo Johannes Fillis, who stays in a previously disadvantaged location of Greenpoint.  Gogo Johanna stays with her children and grandchildren who depend on the food parcels and general assistance from the community.

The team from Kimberly Airport went in and cleaned the home, painted the walls, repaired the doors and rewired the electricity in the house and bought the family some groceries.

The team also took it upon themselves to also do the family's laundry and fix the fence.  The Kimberly Airport team also invited their stakeholders to pitch in and lend a hand.

When Kealeboga Tlholoe the Kimberley Airport Manager spoke to Gogo to find out how she felt, she had a teary smile and that was all the confirmation he needed that Airports Company South Africa is doing great work in the communities we serve.