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    • Luggage Guidelines

       Hand luggage guidelines

      • Keep your hand luggage with you at all times. 

      • Ensure that all zips and fasteners are in good working condition - baggage can move about in the overhead compartment and unsecured items may fall out.

      • Don’t wrap gifts - it is possible that the security teams may wish to view them properly, and will unwrap them.

      • A change of clothes, or at least underwear and a spare shirt may also be appreciated, either at the end of a long-haul flight, or if hold baggage is delayed. ​

       Checked in luggage guidelines

      • Plan your trip systematically, including packing in advance - do not leave arrangements to the last minute.

      • Be sure to pack your own luggage, secure it properly (loose straps may catch in the conveyor belts).

      • Do not place valuable items into checked baggage (such as cellphones, laptop computers or jewellery).

      • Do not leave your luggage unattended - whether it is check-in or hand luggage.

      • Report damaged or mishandled luggage immediately to your airline, before you leave the airport​.

      Some baggage tips

      • Personalise your baggage distinctly so you can spot it easily amongst the other bags.

      • Remove old baggage tags to make the scanning process easier.

      • Put your name, email address and mobile number on your baggage tag. 

      • Do not put home address on your baggage tag.

      • Secure all straps and handles on your baggage so they do not get caught in baggage conveyors or other equipment.

      • Travel with small, valuable items (i.e. laptops, wallets, jewellery, etc.) as part of your hand luggage.

      • Check-in at least one hour before your departure time, to make sure that both you and your baggage make the flight.

      • Double check that the baggage you have is yours before leaving the baggage area.