Socio-Economic Development

Smile Week  

On the 4th until the 8th August 2014 Port Elizabeth International Airport in partnership with the Smile Foundation welcomed the Eastern Cape's fifth Smile Week which took place at the Port Elizabeth Provincial Hospital. Twenty seven patients, varying in age from three months to thirteen years were scheduled to receive surgery during the Smile Week. A variety of surgeries took place and consisted of cleft lip & palate repairs, alveolar fistula repairs, ear reconstructions, repairing of nasal defects, eyelid reconstruction and fat grafting, neck contracture release and forehead and rhinoplasty. The amount donated was three hundred and thirty three thousand Rand.  



Wheelchair Donation

On Wednesday 9th July 2014, Port Elizabeth International Airport sponsored ten wheelchairs to Association for the Physically Disabled Wheelchair Wednesday Campaign where participants had to spend four hours in the wheelchair in an attempt to get business leaders to better understand the challenges faced by wheelchair users. The focus of the campaign is focused on infrastructure development and to offer business a strategy to achieve a healthier working environment for people with mobility challenges. The campaign in an annual event. 


Winter Wooly Campaign  

On 13th June 2014 the partnership between Port Elizabeth International Airport and Community Chest during the Winter Woolly Week makes a huge impact in many lives in our community especially the homeless during the cold winter season. Several intersections were selected in and around the Metro where blankets, clothing and household items were collected and donated to families who have lost everything during unexpected disasters such as floods or fire. Port Elizabeth International Airport further donated One Hundred Thousand Rand towards Community Chest in aid of this course. ​