Socio-Economic Development

Mandela day 

The Upington Airport team spent more than 4hours at Tehillah Shabach Community Centre located approximately 10 km from the airport.  Tehillah house caters to frail elders who mostly use wheelchairs. 

The Premier of Northern Cape, Sylvia Lukas was amongst the guests and commended Airport Company South Africa, Upington team for the wonderful work done for the community.

The team was also joined by the Department of Education and Public Works and the ladies from the church who all participated with enthusiasm.  

The 3 key activities of the day were:

1. Cleaning,

2. Cooking and

3. Maintenance of the house which included painting, refurbishing ceilings and bathrooms. 

Some of the activities started a week before the Mandela Day, i.e. erecting the shades structure to protect the elders from the extreme hostile temperatures of Upington. 


It was the most awesome day for the team filled with excitement and humanity. The Airport Manager Nongo Debete gave a brief speech about former President Mandela and his legacy of serving others and how as responsible citizens we should continue living his legacy. She also indicated how important it was for the airport to contribute to the wellness of the community it forms part of. There was a lot of fulfillment and pride from the team because they decided on the specific project and the initiative and made it happen. The sumptuous soup specially made by the team kept the grannies and visitors warm. 

One of the highlights for the day was Auntie Sophia who was celebrating her 77th birthday. The team sang for her and presented a special blanket. To top it up, the Upington team presented 11 double bed blankets, 11 mattresses, pillows, sheets and new kitchen cardboard. Winter will never be the same again.