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​Corporate Plan

Airports Company South Africa’s Corporate Plan 2015 – 2017 forms the basis of our forward-looking statements.

The Corporate Plan has been developed within the context of the current realities of the economic regulatory framework that determines airport revenues combined with the growth prospects of the South African economy.

Shareholder value creation over the long term is fundamental to our ability to be self-sufficient and which in turn would enable the continual delivery of major infrastructure requirements against the demand of the aviation industry.

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Domestic Medium Term Note​

Airports Company South Africa has, over the previous years, lengthened its liabilities profile to match on average the economic life of our assets. 

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Investor Roadshows and Events Calendar

Airports Company South Africa's executive leadership team embarks on an annual road show following the Company's Financial Results announcement. Details will be made available to investors for the upcoming roadshow.

SENS Announcements

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