Strategic Direction

Our strategy is to build an efficient and customer-focused business. It is through the implementation of this strategy that we are gearing all our efforts, resources and impetus to move closer to our vision to be a world-leading airport business. 

Our core values


Our strategic framework

Our strategy is built on collaborative and coherent engagements with our stakeholders. We focus on strengthening our internal business processes and making the most of our bespoke information technology. We direct our efforts to improve our employees' skills and understanding as part of our effort to build human capital.

Our strategy s that every element of its operations, and every person, n and institution that touches us, and is touched by the company, plays a part in its success or failure. We use the Balanced Scorecard methodology which serves as our strategic implementation and strategic performance measurement tool. The following outlines our business strategic thrusts and strategic objectives.


Our strategy implementation

We are in the business of delivering quality and affordable infrastructure on time to meet forecast demand. 


South Africa's tourism industry is among the fastest growing in the world and its rapid growth stands to benefit not only the country, but the continent of Africa as a whole. 


The strategy, to build and efficient and customer focused culture, is our compass that directs our operational activities towards delivering customer centric services and products to our customers. So along with our key industry partners, our strategy implementation process focuses on how to make the 'end to end' processing of passenger facilitation more efficient and hospitable. 


Appropriate levels of investment have been made available towards the key enablers for 'end to end', namely: information technology, human capital and systems for stakeholder and customer management.​