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Service standards at ACSA and within the South African aviation industry

As air travel becomes a preferred mode of transport, the provision of excellent service has become a focal point for management of airports. Given that the industry is global in nature, and that travellers are becoming more and more experienced,be observed and initiatives put in place to secure improvement. The QMS system thus helps build relationships with service providers operating at these airports through regular interaction. The overarching aim is to improve services to travellers. Service initiatives have been further enhanced by target measures in QMS.

The measures take cognisance of the entire process value chain of the passenger experience and provide key indicators of non-compliance reporting of services at the various areas of the airports as well as services rendered to passengers and customers.

The standards that have been adopted are those set by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and recommendations by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). An automated software development program is currently being designed to assist the QMS to provide results on a more regular basis to the user community within the industry.

ACSA has also designed a rewards programme that acknowledges service excellence by the respective service providers. ACSA hosts an annual function, called the Feather Awards, at each of its airports to honour and thank service providers that have demonstrated excellent service.