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Cape Town International Airport


Land-use plan

The airport has been divided into seven precincts, the first five of which are allocated for development precincts. 

Precinct 1 - The Terminal

The terminal precinct is the very heart of all ACSA's aeronautical and commercial activities. Apart from easy access to the terminal itself (1), the cargo terminal (6), and car hire there is ample airport parking (2).

At the Freight Park (5) zoning has been approved for 16,000m2 of development.
Alongside it, the Oval Office Park (4) at the entrance to the airport has been approved for 18,000m2 of mixed-use development.

The multi-storey car park (2) is to provide parking for 2,000 vehicles and commercial retail activities are being integrated into the design.
The vehicle service area (3) is designated for those industries that thrive on the large volumes of vehicular traffic passing through the airport. 

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    Precinct 2 - Northern Logistics Node

    The precinct’s location, close to the Cape Town Metropole, makes it an excellent location for logistical operations. That is why Pick 'n Pay, one of South Africa's largest retailers, chose the location for their Western Cape Distribution Centre 80,000m2 of development rights remain on sites A, B and C. Furthermore, land that is not available for sale can be procured through a variety of specifically structured transactions ranging from land leases to full developments tendered by ACSA.
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    Precinct 3 - Industrial Development Zone (IDZ)

    Although still in its infancy, the IDZ is expected to attract industries that produce and transport products that have a relatively low mass and high value, for example:
    • Aerospace and defence
    • Information and communications technology
    • Electronics and avionics
    • Pharmaceutical and bio-medical
    • Chemicals and plastics
    • Logistics-related centres and services
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    Precinct 4 - Southern Precinct

    This precinct has 720,000m2 of undeveloped land available for development opportunities. The site has excellent connection with the N2: the national highway from Cape Town to Durban. 
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    Precinct 5 - Aviation-related Logistics

    About 240,000m2 of land is available for development here. The site has air side and land side access making it ideal for airport-related business such as car hire and airline catering.
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    Contact details for property, retail and advertising opportunities:


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    David Wood +27 (0)21 937 1331  david.wood@airports.co.za


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    Gavin Scott +27 (0)21 937 1254 gavin.scott@airports.co.za


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    Zelda Francis  +27 (0)21 937 1200   zelda.gottardoallen@airports.co.za  


    Cape Town International Airport

    As South Africa’s second airport, Cape Town International Airport processes over seven million travellers every year. It is no surprise, when you consider its place as a major industrial centre, that the airport plays an increasingly important role in the region’s booming economy.

    Cape Town International Airport offers businesses a superior location to serve the entire Western Cape efficiently and cost-effectively.

    As one of ACSA's three principal sources of non-aeronautical revenue, retail is a key element in the company's income strategy.

    The popular duty-free mall has already increased passenger spending by 66% and a planned R60 million retail mall will only serve to increase Cape Town International Airport’s attraction to shoppers from around the world.