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Corporate Social Investment

Worldwide examination of the role that companies perform within their operational spheres has resulted in a review of the drivers that can, and should, motivate corporate entities to recognise and fulfil their roles as responsible corporate citizens.

That sounds like an excellent ideal, but what does it really mean in the cut and thrust of today’s highly competitive marketplace? Gone are the days when bottom-line profit was the company imperative. This has happily been replaced with a far broader understanding of the role of a caring, responsible corporate citizen.

While making a profit will always be a measureable objective for a company, today’s understanding of responsibility has added a whole new dimension to what should, and must, be expected of any corporate role-player in the South African arena: responsibility to the space in which the company operates. This extends to environmental and social considerations.

Airports Company South Africa is comparatively fortunate in that it operates in nine specifically designated airport precincts. This simplifies the qualification process for potential project beneficiaries but equally heightens the value of supporting local needs.

As a component of the operations of a state-owned company, managing a substantial Corporate Social Investment budget carries stringent oversight and governance obligations. The CSI portfolio, through its managing committee, is responsible for:

  • Custodianship of the CSI strategy development and review
  • Ensuring that these strategies integrate with the overall business strategy
  • The identification and implementation of projects at corporate level, with the proviso that the selected projects complement business objectives
  • The provision of strategic support for airport-based projects, both in their identification and implementation
  • Securing approval from the CSI committee for all key CSI projects, while providing guidance on opportunistic interventions that stand to benefit the business
  • Providing an overall administrative function for the portfolio
  • Managing the reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the function.

Over the years, Airports Company South Africa has endeavoured to be a responsible and caring corporate citizen, pursuing key strategic projects that have enabled the company to make meaningful contributions towards improving the quality of life of disadvantaged South Africans.

The focus of our programmes is in the areas of community upliftment, care for the environment and supporting people with disabilities. Empowerment of women, youth development, education and training are critical subsets of these categories. Involvement of Airports Company South Africa staff members in CSI projects is a critical element of the company’s strategic focus. As will be seen from many of the projects in which Airports Company South Africa is involved, staff participation is an objective that has been more than adequately met.

Airports Company South Africa has, for many years, given priority to providing access to, and means of mobility for people with physical disabilities through projects that enhance their integration into society, provide physical support, infrastructure improvement, skills development, education and awareness. Three long-term initiatives support this objective: Wheelchair Tennis, the Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge (OCC), the Wheelchair Donation Programme and the Disability Trade & Lifestyle Expo and Conference.

Each of the nine airports has ‘adopted’ one or more schools with the objective of getting involved by identifying needs and then working to satisfy them. This can range from upgrading school premises to undertaking maintenance tasks, supplying teaching aids and satisfying other requirements that would otherwise be beyond the capacity of the school.

Community support is close to the hearts of all airport CSI committees and is demonstrated through involvement in a diversity of projects, ranging from child feeding schemes, through support of crèches to adult education to enhance employment opportunities.

The impact that man has on the natural environment is undeniable. While programmes are conducted by Airports Company South Africa to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, the company’s CSI programme is able to take a more holistic approach. This is undertaken by support of projects, at a corporate level, through World Wildlife Fund South Africa (WWF), BirdLife South Africa and Wildlands Conservation Trust. All of the projects have direct relevance to Airports Company South Africa.


Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis is a young sport in South Africa, now only in its eleventh year. Airports Company South Africa has been the main sponsor of the sport, through Wheelchair Tennis South Africa (WTSA), for the past nine years. It is gratifying that this support has enabled the sport to flourish, and today, more than 450 players receive coaching each week at 45 active development centres across South Africa...more

Largely implemented through the programmes of the individual airports, this component of the overall company objectives has advanced as progressively as any other in recent years..more

Women’s Volunteer Programme

Airports Company South Africa’s Women’s Volunteer Programme is a Corporate Social Investment initiative that allows employees to play a significant role in making a positive contribution towards the development of our communities. Employees are the custodians of our brand promise: ‘moving people, changing lives’. Through this programme the volunteers are empowered to make a positive difference at special schools around our airports that provide education for learners with disabilities...more

Responsibility for the effect that we have as individuals and organisations on the environment in which we live and operate has become far more accepted in the past few years. King III and the Global Reporting Initiative have provided clear guidelines for reporting obligations and these, in turn, have had a considerable influence on attitudes towards the environment...more

The barriers to economic opportunity are many and varied, and are compounded by skills shortages, lack of support for small enterprises, as well as limited access to financial resources...more











Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Liberation Walk

Moving people, changing lives

Airports Company South Africa is in the business of moving people – connecting people with their loved ones and destinations for business and leisure. And for those who visit our shores for the first time, the Company provides a window through which they can experience our beautiful land, its heritage and people, first hand. At the same time, Airports Company South Africa provides a logistics platform to a variety of role players who all act, in unison, to deliver an efficient and seamless travel experience to our customers. It is these people, the travellers, that the Airports Company South Africa staff, our business partners and stakeholders touch and influence every day. Together we spare no energy, and we give our best to make their movement hassle-free, both in the experience we offer, and in the infrastructure we provide (the environment).

For this reason, the company’s Corporate Social Investment strategy is premised on the fundamental business aspiration of moving people, changing lives. The Company’s selected CSI programmes are strongly linked to its business purpose – that of facilitating people movement, travel and tourism in and around South Africa.

Airports Company South Africa’s social investment spend is focused on areas impacted directly by its business operations - mobility, community development and care for the environment. Women empowerment, youth development, education and training are critical elements in these areas, whose selected projects are intended to make a difference in ordinary people’s day to day lives.