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Corporate Social Investment

Corporate Social Investment

Airports Company South Africa is in the business of moving people – connecting people with their loved ones and destinations for business and leisure. And for those who visit our shores for the first time, the Company provides a window through which they can experience our beautiful land, its heritage and people, first hand. At the same time, Airports Company South Africa provides a logistics platform to a variety of role players who all act, in unison, to deliver an efficient and seamless travel experience to our customers.  It is these people, the travellers, that the Airports Company South Africa staff, our business partners and stakeholders touch and influence every day. Together we spare no energy, and we give our best to make their movement hassle-free, both in the experience we offer, and in the infrastructure we provide (the environment).

For this reason, the company’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) strategy is premised on the fundamental business aspiration of moving people, changing lives. The Company’s selected CSI programmes are strongly linked to its business purpose – that of facilitating people movement, travel and tourism in and around South Africa.

Airports Company South Africa’s social investment spend is focused on areas impacted directly by its business operations - mobility, community development and care for the environment. Women empowerment, youth development, education and training are critical elements in these areas, whose selected projects are intended to make a difference in ordinary people’s day to day lives.


Airports Company South Africa’s long-sustained commitment to the disability sector was recognised through the National Disability Champion Award for sustained commitment to improving the lives of people with disabilities. The main focus of our mobility projects is to provide access to people with physical disabilities by increasing their access to resources and other relevant support systems. Our company therefore pursues projects that enhance the integration of physically disabled persons into society through occupational and emotional support, provision of physical support systems, infrastructure improvement and skills development, education and awareness.
This has been achieved through four major initiatives, including:

          Wheelchair Tennis
Since 2005, Airports Company South Africa has been the headline sponsor for Wheelchair Tennis South Africa (WTSA), an affiliate of the International Tennis Federation. Every week, about 450 players receive coaching at more than 50 locations around South Africa.

          Airports Company South Africa Disability Trade and Lifestyle Expo & Conference
The expo and conference showcase disability lifestyle solutions to people with disabilities, their families, friends, caregivers, employers and service providers. This unique event is the only exhibition and conference that covers the entire spectrum of disabilities.

          Wheelchair Donations
Over the past ten years, more than 10 000 wheelchairs have been given to deserving recipients. The Wheelchair Donation Programme is conducted in conjunction with the Department of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, as well as with provincial departments responsible for health and social development.

          Women’s Volunteer Programme
In partnership with the Association of People with Disabilities (APD), the Airports Company South Africa Women’s Volunteer Programme, which is made up of female employees, offers support to help improve the lives of children with special needs at schools.
Through these initiatives, Airports Company South Africa demonstrates its commitment to moving people, changing lives.


Community development
Our airports play a critical role in the roll-out of community development projects, with support from the corporate office. Given our positioning in the infrastructure business, Airports Company South Africa can leverage partnerships for the provision of critical infrastructure to communities.  
Our focus is on the following areas:
•      Community upliftment: enhancing the quality of life of community beneficiaries, focusing on poverty alleviation, infrastructure provision, and empowerment and the promotion of self-reliance.
•      Education and training: support of community projects that are at the forefront of educational upliftment and providing access to training, especially in the area of early childhood development.
•      Facilitation of social inclusion of historically marginalised segments of our society, including women, children and youth, as well as people with disabilities.

Environmental protection
Airports Company South Africa has developed strategic partnerships that have enabled it to support key community environmental projects in the surrounding areas of airports, as well as some key national environmental projects aimed at the protection of the quality of our environment.
The key areas of interest include:
•      Air quality management
•      Birdlife protection and development
•      Wildlife and conservation management
•      Rehabilitation of physical and built environment, and greening initiatives, and
•      Environmental Education and Awareness

Moving people, changing lives

Based on the fundamental principle of “moving people, changing lives”, all ACSA’s CSI programmes are strongly linked to its business purpose that of facilitating the movement of people in and out of South Africa.

Fundamentally, ACSA seeks to empower and sustain South African communities by making a vital contribution to socioeconomic development and the fight against poverty.

ACSA’s CSI vision
ACSA CSI vision is to empower and sustain South African communities while making a vital contribution to redressing South Africa’s key development challenges.

ACSA CSI focus
The Company’s social investment expenditure in the year under review is focused on three main areas directly impacted by its business operations: mobility, environment and communities around local airports, and is directed at focused flagship projects intended to make a difference in ordinary people’s day-to-day lives:

  • Community development, with a particular focus on the disabled communities, by way of increasing their access to mobility and resources

  • Environment protection and education, with particular focus on projects that enhance environmental awareness, infrastructure rehabilitation and education based on promoting care for South Africa’s natural heritage

  • Job creation, and sustainable livelihood, especially in communities where ACSA’s airports are located.