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King Shaka International

KSIA Feather Awards
King Shaka International Airport acknowledged service excellence to our stakeholders at the 2011 Feather Awards on 23rd November where the theme was, “Go Green” in line with UN COP17 Climate Change Conference.

Landside Coach Zone
The unprecedented use of the coach zone has warranted the Landside Operations Department of the King Shaka International Airport in conjunction with Katanga Parking Services to implement a change in the operation thereof to appropriately manage the area.

King Shaka International Airport Virtual Tour

Airlines, shops, restaurants and facilities
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New Arrivals Pickup parking at KSIA
King Shaka International is proud to announce that the much awaited Arrivals Pick up parking area will be opened to the public on 1st June 2012.

KSIA to celebrate its 1 year anniversary
The King Shaka International Airport is now 10 months in operation and will soon be celebrating 1 year come 1st May 2011.

King Shaka International Familiarization

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