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Landside Coach Zone

The unprecedented use of the coach zone has warranted the Landside Operations Department of the King Shaka International Airport in conjunction with Katanga Parking Services to implement a change in the operation thereof to appropriately manage the area.

Initially, it was obligatory for users of the coach zone to purchase permits for their vehicles. The size of some companies’ fleets, and the probable usage of any of these vehicles at any point in time, resulted in cost increases as these companies were purchasing permits/per vehicle on a daily basis. These companies approached the Landside Operations Department of the King Shaka International Airport to develop a more appropriate and cost effective solution to this challenge.

Following investigations, the Landside Operations Department of the King Shaka International Airport has arrived at a decision to reinstate the boom control as implemented during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This intervention is currently in place at OR Tambo and Cape Town International Airports. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that vehicles enter and exit from the area in a controlled manner.

When will the Changes come into effect?

The changes will come into effect from 1 May 2011. Click here to download map and tariffs

How will this operation work?

  • Shuttle/coach user will apply to KSIA Landside Department for admittance into the coach pick-up/drop-off area between the hours of 08h00 – 17h00 Mon to Friday.
  • Forms must be accompanied by the Operating licences for each vehicle that they anticipate using into the selected area.
  • Forms must be accompanied by their insurance confirmation
  • Attached must be copies of their company registration [CC founding documents or partnership etc]
  • Drivers’ information with PDP’s attached.
  • Letter of motivation to support their application.
  • Possible references letters should be attached.
  • Details of company requesting SVC will be recorded at the KSIA Landside Cashier Station for record purposes (SVC Application Form).
  • Each application will be evaluated and access will be awarded when all documentation has been fully provided. Once the access has been granted, the access card will be issued.
  • Once the access has been granted, the access card will be issued at a cost of R35.00, plus R550.00 initial loading fee, thereafter the company can load funds as required.
  • Cards will be issued PER OPERATING business and no limit is set on the amount of SVC cards that each operator can purchase. The card can be interchangeable between vehicles at the operator’s discretion.

What are the tariffs for the coach zone?

The tariffs for the area have been benchmarked against the Cape Town International Airport system and vehicles will be charged for the use of the area based on their duration of stay, as indicated in the table below:-

0 - 10 Minutes   Free
11 – 60 Minutes   R55.00
60 – 80 Minutes   R200.00
80 – 100 Minutes   R300.00
100 – 120 Minutes   R400.00
120 – 140 Minutes   R500.00
Add R100 for every 20 minutes up until 24  hours thereafter R1000.00 for every hour!   Lost card R100 + Reload load card value of R550.00

Which vehicles will be allowed into this area?

  •  Accredited Metered Taxis
  • Accredited Airport Bus
  • Any vehicle that seats more than 7 PAX
  • Coaches (Tour Operators)
  • Airport Crew Bus
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Government Department
  • SAPS
  • Consulate Vehicles

Where Does the Public Drop Off and Pick Up?

The public will continue to pick up at the arrivals pickup area and on drop off on the elevated road for general passenger activity.

However please note that unattended vehicles will be wheel-clamped or towed away.

Maximum dwell time in these areas is 15 minutes.