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New Arrivals Pickup parking at KSIA

King Shaka International is proud to announce that the much awaited Arrivals Pick up parking area will be opened to the public on 1st June 2012.

Colin Naidoo, Communications Manager for KSIA said, “Due to the way the area was aligned, the area was closed and revamped so that it will now be used as the designated pickup area which will be more user friendly to airport users. This will alleviate congestion and also streamline the pickup process. The redesign of the area allows for optimal utilization to our customers, a Prime Parking solution”.

This new parking area will have 43 bays which includes 3 parking bays for people with disabilities. These 3 bays have been designed to make all movement of people with disabilities, easier and this was achieved in collaboration with the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa.

The Arrivals Pick up Parking will operate as follows:

  • The area will now be boomed at the exit and entrance.
  • Upon arrival, at the entrance, the customer will take a ticket and find a parking space.
  • There is a 20 minute free dwell time, which provides adequate time for the Pick up to be facilitated.
  • After 20 minutes, normal parking tariffs will apply.
  • The public will be encouraged to check the FIDS monitor in the Arrivals Hall, to check if the flight that they are waiting for will arrive on time or if there is a delay.
  • If the flight is delayed, proceed back to your vehicle and park in the Multi Storey Parking, where the first tariff is R10.00 instead of R20.00.
  • There will also be a slip lane, in the pickup that will lead directly to the Multi Storey Car Park.
  • Before entering the Multi Storey Car Park, there is another set of equipment which will revalidate your ticket for this parking area, after you have left the Pickup Zone.
  • Please note that if you parked for 20 minutes in the Arrivals Pick up Parking, you will be charged from the first minute you enter the Multi Storey Car Park but at a lower tariff.
  • Once you have parked and are ready to exit, you will be required to pay for your parking; two pay stations have been placed in front of the building, to the left of the Terminal to make it convenient for the customer.
  • Credit card payments can also be facilitated at the exit, which is similar to the existing parking areas.
  • If this parking area is full, there is also a lane, at the entrance of the parking which will allow for our customers to proceed directly into the Multi Storey Car Park.
  • Car park attendants and Security Officers will patrol the area to assist customers with any queries or technical problems which may arise and to ensure the vehicles parked in that area are safe and secure.
  • To ensure the Arrivals Pick up Parking is safe and secure we have CCTV monitoring in that area and regular patrols by security will be conducted.

Naidoo continued, “As an additional method of ensuring that all the airport patrons benefit from the various parking areas and the different service offerings, the long stay tariffs have also been adjusted to suit the budget of the “Long Stay Parker”. The most ideal and cost effective parking, is the Long Stay Parking which from the 01 June 2012 will offer a tariff for 3 days parking or more. Parking statistics have revealed that the Long Stay Parking is mostly used by short term parkers and by simply reconfiguring the tariffs; it will now be more of a benefit to the customer who parks for 3 days or more.  It will no longer be conducive to short term parking therefore; short term parkers should park their vehicles in the Shaded Parking which has an hourly tariff structure, suitable for short term use”. 

ACSA KSIA would like to thank the public for their patience and understanding during the construction period and apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused.

We are appealing to airport users to utilise the pickup parking area for what it is designated for. The public is also encouraged to use the elevated road at the designated drop off area to drop off passengers.

AS ACSA King Shaka International Airport, we will continue to improve our airport, for the benefit of our customers. For any parking related queries, please call (032) 436 6626 or email ksiaadmin@katanga.co.za and you may also post comments on Facebook and Twitter

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Colin Naidoo
Communications and Brand
King Shaka International Airport