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Porsche Parade at KSIA

 The Porsche Club SA hosts the Porsche Parade, ”Show and Shine” all around the country and when it was Durban’s turn to host it, KSIA was the venue. The roar of the jet engines had competition last Sunday when over 90 Porsches made their appearance on the landside of KSIA. There were cars and people from all parts of South Africa that were part of the parade and event. 

This event took a year to pull off and the Porsche Club SA was very impressed and excited with the final result. Invites were sent out to all motor enthusiasts and to our airport staff and stakeholders to join the parade and people turned out in their numbers to see all these very valuable super cars.

This innovative idea was to increase the footfall of people accessing the airport through events thus making use of our restaurants and shopping facilities at KSIA. This event allowed the public and stakeholders to be part of the event and also showed the versatility of our airport to host such events. 

As this was the 1st airport to host the Porsche Club we are now planning to host this event more regularly at KSIA with some added activities to increase the number of participants and visitors. It was amazing to see the passengers and airport users also getting to the airport just to see the show and comment that it was unique to have such an event at the airport.

We also managed to get the Sharks rugby players to join us at the parade when they arrived back home as they posed for pictures with some of the super cars. The club held their show and shine competition amongst their members and chose the winners of each category of the show and shine. It was great to see the owners of the cars taking great care to clean and shine their cars before the competition.

This was another successful collaboration between our teams especially Retail, Kwenda Marketing, C&BM, Landside and SAPS. Well done to all who assisted and was on hand on the day.