Free Wi-Fi
Get 4 hours free* Wi-Fi at all Airports Company South Africa airports
Airports Company South Africa has launched a free Wi-Fi service for passengers in the boarding  areas of its nine airports. Users of the service will have either 4 hours  of Wi-Fi connection or 1gig of data available at no charge. Once the 4 hours have lapsed, or 1gig of data is reached, users will be invited to top up the facility on a pay-as-you-go basis.  This complimentary service is provided as a value-add to enhance the passenger experience at each  of the company’s airports and entrench the position of Airports Company South Africa as a world-class airport owner and operator. 
AS EASY as 1-2-3
To get on line at the Wi-Fi Hotspots, your laptop, smartphone or tablet should either have build in support for Wi-Fi or be equipped with a Wi-Fi network card.
1. Connect to “# AIRPORTS FREE Wi-Fi” Network
There is Wi-Fi available throughout the terminal to help you stay in touch or plan your travels;
To connect to the "# AIRPORTS FREE" Wi-Fi Network your device’s wireless card must be switched on;
Select the network called "# AIRPORTS FREE" . Follow the on screen instructions. 
2.  Browse the Internet
Open you web browser of choice and navigate to any website, i.e. 
Your browser will be redirected to the "# AIRPORTS FREE" login page. Choose complimentary access;
You are required to register and for verification processes your email address is required;
Once you’ve completed registration you can enjoy your 4 hours or 1gig, whichever comes first.
3. Need more than 4 hours?
You may continue to use Wi-Fi on a pay as you go basis. 
Purchased access can be found at "# AIRPORTS PREMIUM Wi-Fi".