Strategic Direction


Airports Company South Africa SOC Ltd (the Company) owns and manages nine South African airports. The Company is involved in equity investments abroad, and provides technical advisory and consultancy services to other airports worldwide. Our majority shareholder is the South African Government (74.6%). In line with the government's objectives, we focus on creating sustainable value that positively impacts our business, our people and society, and our environment. These elements are the core tenets of our Sustainability Framework.


Our mandate

In line with the Airports Company Act, No. 44 of 1993, as amended, Airports Company South Africa is mandated to undertake the acquisition, establishment, development, provision, maintenance, management, operation and control of any airport, any part of any airport, or any facility or service at any airport normally related to an airport function.


What we stand for





Our sustainability framework

Our Sustainability Framework outlines three fundamental references for our business's sustainability, and ensures that our decisions and actions aid our journey towards Vision 2025 responsibly and sustainably. Sustainable value creation to stimulate economic prosperity, social equity and environmental integrity is embedded within the company. In ensuring, the company maintains its sustainability journey, it will check each decision against how it would affect and impact the business, its people and society and the environment.


Inherent within our Vision 2025 sits our aim to be a Stage 5 (i) sustainability company – where integrated sustainability is embedded into the company's culture and strategy, Sustainability will be at the centre in all that we plan, develop and deliver to become a successful business that continues to do the right thing.


"… Meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." (Brundtland report, WBCSD).


With our sustainability value-creation outlook, we will continue to focus and channel our resources, remain agile, and identify structures, approaches, programmes and initiatives that will bring about high impact transformation.


Three future horizons conceptualise our outlook

ACSA established a horizonal strategy, commenced the implementation of its governance framework and operating model to enable the company to be the most sought-after partner in the world for sustainable airport management solutions by 2025.  While this corporate plan spans across a period of three years, in the context of creating value over time, the company's ACSA's long-term horizontal outlook is outlined as follows: 


Our strategy

Our three-pillar strategy, namely to Run airports, Develop airports and Grow our footprint, underpins the delivery of sustainable value. This strategy outlines key outcomes that define our success. They will help us achieve our Vision 2025 objectives and become the most sought-after partner in the world for sustainable airport management services.




We remain committed to the transformation imperatives of the National Development Plan and seek to aid the eradication of poverty through various programmes and initiatives. Socially, we position ourselves in a manner that guides development while embodying equality and fairness. The Company's and country's needs inform our transformation model and activities, which directly relate to our strategy.  

Our outlook remains positive, primarily due to the effort placed in supporting our growth using our governance framework and operating model to drive our strategy which is aligned to the impact on business, people and society and the environment towards achieving Vision 2025 statement.


Our operating structure

Our operating structure is integrated with our strategy and is at the heart of all we do.



Our reporting and accountability structure

The company has a clear structure to support our governance procedures while defining levels of accountability.


Our footprint

The company has a South African footprint that includes airports and support operations in nine key business  and tourism hubs across the country. Its global footprint also extends to airport management and operating concessions in India, Brazil and Ghana. The company signed a memorandum of understanding, also referred to as a strategic sister airport agreement with Munich Airport Group, Germany.



Airports Company South Africa SOC Limited (Company), recognises that all parties contemplating any contact with the Company are entitled to know in advance its ethical attitudes to conducting business. This Code of Ethics aims to provide this information as simply as possible.

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