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​Global Travel Regulations- November 2021

Due to the newly discovered B.1.1.529 variant, named Omicron, several countries have updated their travel regulations with some countries imposing travel bans. This means that some flights to and from South Africa will be suspended.

Below is a list of the latest global travel regulations. Please note this may change at short notice and we urge passengers to verify with their embassies or airlines before coming to the airport for your flight.

Please note:

·        Airports are open and operating

·        Domestic flights are still operating

·        Passengers will require a PCR test depending on the destination, even when fully vaccinated. Please check with your airline to ensure that the regulations are adhered to.

·        There are testing facilities at O.R. Tambo International, Cape Town International and King Shaka International Airports

O.R. Tambo International Airport:

NHLS: 011 921 2887; 011 390 3006; 072 415 6335

Dischem: 011 390 3192

Navomix: 087 164 1203 WhatsApp: 072 571 6836

Bonvoyage Junxion Pharmacies: 011 390 1081

Cape Town International Airport:

Navomix: 021 001 2866

Dischem: 021 934 5217

King Shaka International Airport:


WhatsApp: 072 571 6836


Country Detail 
USA Travel ban for passengers from South Africa from Monday 29 November. The ban will not apply to American citizens or lawful permanent residents 
UK Flights from South Africa suspended 
Germany Travel ban on South Africans. Returning German citizens, even those who are vaccinated, will then have to spend 14 days in quarantine 
Bahrain Travel ban for passengers from South Africa 
Phillippines Suspended all flights from South Africa 
Mauritius Travel ban for passengers from South Africa for 2 weeks 
Seychelles Travel ban for passengers from South Africa 
Dubai Flights suspended with effect from 00h01 Monday, November 29, until further notice 
The Netherlands Flights from South Africa banned 
Austria Travel ban for passengers from South Africa 
France Suspended all its flight operations to and from South Africa for 48 hours 
European Union Proposed halt of air travel from South Africa 
Italy Travel ban for passengers from South African who have travelled within the last 14 days 
Czech Republic Travel ban for passengers from South Africa and other southern African countries 
Singapore Travel ban for passengers from Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, or Zimbabwe who have travelled within the last 14 days 
Taiwan Travellers from South Africa will have to enter government-run quarantine facilities for 14 days 
Japan Travel ban for passengers from South Africa 


Embassy contact details:

Country Telephone
Angola 012- 342 0049 /021-425 8700 
Austria 021 912 1351 / 012 452 9155 
Belgium 011- 912 9600/ 021-419 4690 
Bulgaria 021 556 0086 / 012 342 3720 
Brazil 012/ 366 5200/ 021-421 4040 
Canada 012 442 3130/ 021-945 4960 or 0219452429 / 082 8946641 (emergency) 
China 011- 883 2186/ 021-674 0988 
Chile 012- 460 1662/ 021-554 3241 / 079 931 2262 
Colombia 012- 362 3106/ 021-556-6269 
Cyprus 012-346 3298/ 021-466 5225 
Estonia 082-550 6363 (and emergencies) 
Finland 012- 343 0276/ 021 700 2800 
France 021-423 1575 
Georgia  021 421 6355/ 012 346 1831 
Germany 021 405 3000 / 078 608 0950 Emergency number: 078 608 0950
Embassy website 
Ghana 021-671 6199 
Greece 012- 348 2352/ 021-424 8160 
Guatemala 021 557 1351/082-966-1130 
Hungary 012- 430 3030/021-886 8855 / 021 886 9048 
India 011- 581 9800/ 021-419 8110 / 021 425 3007 
Indonesia 012- 342 3350/ 021 761 7015 
Italy 021-487 3900 / 083 398 3010 
Lithuania 012-760 9000/ 021-439 9030 
Japan 021-425 1695 / 0834580959
after hours – 010 590 4614 
Madagascar 012-751 5086/ 021-674 7238 / 
Malta 082 906 2000 / 021 911 0631 
Maldives 021-650 2076 / 021-797 9940 
Mauritius 021-438 8151 / 082 603 8008 
Mozambique 012-021-418 2131/2 
Namibia 012- 481 9100/ 021-419 2810 
Netherlands 012- 425  4500/ 021-421 5660 
Norway 021-2008199 
Paraguay 082-446 6631 
Peru 082-444-9716 (weekday and weekend emergencies) 
Philippines 012-346 0451
 Portugal 012- 346 8224/ 021-418 0080/81 
Romania 012-460 6941 /021-761 1781
Russia 012-362 1337/ 021-418 3656 / 57 
Seychelles 012-348 0270/ 021-713 1583 
Slovakia 012-342 2051/ 021-715 8833 / 021 418 3656 
Slovenia 021 976 2248 and weekend emergencies 
Spain 012-460 0123/ 021-422 2415 
Sri Lanka 012-460 7679/ 021-839 2921 
Sudan 021-418 1347/012-342 4538 
Sweden 021-200 8199/012 426 64 00 (Emergency) 
Switzerland 012- 452 0660/ 021-400 7500 
Turkey 021-788 7069 / 
United Kingdom 012-421 7500/ 021-405 2400 
USA 012- 431 4000/ 021-702 7300 
Vanuatu 021-434 6517
Zimbabwe 011-342 5125/ 021-461 1994/5 


  Frequently asked questions

1. Which airports are operating?​
  • ​O.R. Tambo International Airport
  • Cape Town International Airport
  • King Shaka International Airport
  • Bram Fischer International Airport
  • East London Airport
  • George Airport
  • Kimberley Airport
  • Port Elizabeth International Airport
  • ​Upington International Airport

​2. How will you ensure that wheelchairs are sanitised knowing that many people will be touching them?
Wheelchairs will be sanitised after every use.

3. Will Passenger Aid Unit assistance be wearing Personal Protective Equipment’s when assisting passengers?
All staff members will wear Personal Protective Equipment when assisting passengers.

4. How will the airlines ensure that seats are deep cleaned after every flight?
Please kindly refer to your respective airline for more information on sanitation and hygiene within the aircraft.

5. Are IDs and driver’s licenses safe from contamination considering the number of people touching them at the airport?
Passengers are encouraged to use online check-in to minimise touching of personal identity documents. Security will also request that passengers scan their boarding cards.

6. Will baggage handlers wear full Personal Protective Equipment because they could pass the virus from one bag to another?
All baggage handlers will wear full Personal Protective Equipment when assisting passengers and handling baggage.

7. How safe is luggage from contamination during loading and offloading?
Airports Company South Africa adheres to the strictest health and safety protocols. All baggage will be fully sanitised and baggage handlers will wear complete Personal Protective Equipment. Bags must be wrapped as an additional safety measure. 

8. Will screening be done on all flights?
Passengers will be screened on international flights.

9. Will the chapel and prayer facilities be open?
To be updated

10. How frequently are high touch areas and bathrooms sanitized?
The bathrooms and high touch areas will be sanitised in accordance with the public health procedure as approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

11. Will trolleys be sanitized and how frequent?
Yes, after every use. As an extra safety precaution, we recommend passengers also sanitize their hands before using a trolley.

​12. What will you do to people who do not observe airport rules?
They will not be permitted in the terminal building or they will be escorted off the premises by airport security.

13. Will there be isolation facilities available for people who show symptoms or who present a temperature of 38 and higher? 
There will be secondary screening and isolation facilities available for those with temperature higher that 38 degrees. 

14. How will social distancing be enforced in airports?
Social distancing signage is up in the terminal building, and Covid-19 monitors will ensure that guidelines are enforced.

15. What are the rules on wearing masks?
Passengers must have a mask to be permitted inside the terminal building. Masks will also be sold at vending machines within the airport building. Please note that children under five are not required to wear face masks. Please note face shields are only acceptable if a face mask that covers the person's mouth and nose is worn underneath the face shield.

16. Where will hand sanitisers be placed at the airports?
Hand sanitisers have been made available at strategic passenger journey touchpoints throughout the terminals. Soap is also provided in all bathroom facilities. Hand sanitizers have been made available throughout the entire terminal building.

17. Can South Africans that are stuck abroad from high-risk countries return home?

Yes, provided that the traveller has tested negative after completing an official COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to departure, and upon arrival the traveller must present a negative COVID-19 test result not older than 72 hours from the time of departure.

18. Can South Africans travel to high-risk countries?

​South African citizens who wish to travel to high-risk countries must check with the country if their borders are open and requirements of travel. Please note that South African residents who want to travel to high-risk countries should contact the Department of Home Affairs for clarity.

The contact details are as below:

​Facebook: @HomeAffairsZA

Twitter: @HomeAffairsSA

Contact centre: 0800 60 11 90



19. What are the rules inside the aircraft cabin?
Passengers must confirm with the airline directly.

20. What are the rules for passengers?
Passengers must wear a mask to be permitted inside the terminal building. Passengers are asked to ensure they adhere to physical distancing of 1.5meters.

21. What Personal Protective Equipment should staff wear? Do they change the Personal Protective Equipment during a shift?
ACSA has developed a Personal Protective Equipment guideline that is complaint with local legislation as well as WHO guidelines for Ports Of Entry.  We have also done extensive studies on the quality grades of Personal Protective Equipment that best suits our environment.  The guideline prescribes Personal Protective Equipment based on the nature of work as well as the occupational exposure. All staff change their Personal Protective Equipment during the shift (eg. after tea break).  This is because the general assumption is that Personal Protective Equipment will be contaminated and exhibits a high risk to someone that will want to reuse them. ACSA does provide such Personal Protective Equipment to staff at no cost.

22. What training has staff been given on the new procedures?
All staff have been given compulsory Back To Work occupational health and Safety training on COVID-19.

23. What will Airports Company South Africa do if a person who works at the airport becomes infected with Covid-19?
We will activate our Occupational Health and Safety staff response plan. Any staff member who is suspected to be ill will be placed in isolation. The Department of Health will be informed, and the employee will be attended to.

24. Will you close the airport if a frontline employee becomes infected?
We will activate the Occupational Health Safety processes as stipulated by regulations.

​25. How many hours before departure must a passenger be at the airport?
Passengers must be at the airport at least ninety minutes for domestic flights.
International travel: Passengers must be at the airport at least four hours for domestic flights to ensure enough time is allocated for screening and operational procedures.

26.     What have you done to make airports safer? 
Airports Company South Africa has recruited additional staff and implemented strict health compliance protocol, including social distancing, temperature screening all passengers and staff, regular deep cleaning, and surface sanitizing of the airports. We have equipped all staff with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment and sanitizers.

27. If I am screened upon arrival and have an elevated temperature, but I have a negative PCR test, do I still have to go into quarantine?

Yes, travellers who are screened and found to have symptoms of COVID-19 will be required to have another test and be subjected to 10 days mandatory quarantine at a state-appointed facility at their own cost.

28. What happens if the traveller is unable to afford a COVID-19 test or quarantine​?

​Please contact the Department of Health for clarity.

Whatsapp: 0600 123 456

 29. If I have a negative PCR test and screen negative, do I still need to quarantine?

No, if a traveller has a negative PCR test and passes screening, they are free to continue with their travels.

 30. Do travellers have to download the app to enable contact tracing?

 It is encouraged to do so by the South African Government.

31​.  Will there be exit screening on international flights?
Yes, there will be exit screening that takes place.

Corona Virus in South Africa website (Department of Health)​​