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Kimberley Airport
Arrivals terminal

​Tel:+27 (0)53 851 1241/2/3
Fax: +27 (0)53 851 1032

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​The closest accommodation is located three kilometres from the airport. 

Chapel and prayer rooms

​Passengers who require a room in which to pray can be accommodated. Any Airports Company South Africa representative at the airport will be able to assist. 


​A conference room in the departures hall can host 25 people. Facilities include a TV, video machine, whiteboard, flip chart and overhead projector. For information and bookings please contact the information desk on:
Tel: +27 (0)53 851 1241/2/3
Fax: +27 (0)53 851 1032 


Airports Company South Africa is committed to providing world-class facilities that meet the needs of all airport users. We focus on ensuring existing and new facilities within our airports meet the particular needs of disabled travelers and airport users.

At Kimberley Airport there are lifts, ramps and reserved parking for disabled passengers. Passengers who require assistance to board and disembark from the aircraft can make arrangements with their airline at time of booking. 


Fire and rescue facilities are able to provide basic first aid to passengers. In the case of more serious illness, the airport will arrange for transport to the nearest medical facility. 

Parking Traffis are as follows:

​ 1 Hour​R20.00
​1 - 2 Hours​R25.00​
​2 - 3 Hours​R30.00
​3 - 4 Hours​R36.00
​4 - 12 Hours​R52.00
12- 24 HoursR115.00

After 24 Hours: R55.00 per 12 Hours or part thereof.
Lost ticket charge is R150.00 (Plus additional parking charges if not proof R500.00).

The use of this parking area is subject to the terms and conditions as displayed on the disclaimer boards at the entry station.

​Airports Company South Africa registered porters are available in the terminal building. They are recognisable by their ​Airports Company South Africa​ uniform. Please do not entrust your baggage to anyone other than airport staff. 


​Restrooms are conveniently located in the main terminal building. 


​Public telephones, in the arrivals hall, accept coins or phone cards. 

Viewing deck
Arriving and departing aircraft can be viewed from the terminal building.