Environmental Management

Africa Company South Africa's Environmental Policy

Airports Company South Africa's Environmental policy forms the basis for environmental management at its airports. The policy established the principles of sustainable use at its airports, from which objectives, targets and action plans are developed. The policy has been developed in accordance with principles outlined in the ISO 1400 I standard and has been endorsed by the Managing Director.

Airports Company South Africa's Policy Statement

Airports Company South Africa, as a world-class airport operator acknowledges that airport activities and operations may have diverse impacts on the environment and therefore accepts our stewardship role of responsible care for the environment. Consequently, we are committed to implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS).

To achieve this, Airports Company South Africa is committed to:

  • Implementing and maintaining an EMS in accordance with the principles outlined in the ISO 14001 standard.

  • Complying with relevant environmental legislation, associated regulations and other applicable requirements.

  • Providing a framework for setting and reviewing Objectives and Targets.

  • Providing measures to prevent environmental pollution resulting from airport activities and operations.

  • Monitoring and measuring significant environmental aspects and impacts of airport activities and operations.

  • Ensuring that all Airports Company South Africa employees, operators, and contractors that fall within the scope of the EMS are aware of the environmental aspects and impacts associated with their activities and operations and of the requirements of the EMS.

  • Conducting regular audits of our Environmental Management System to ensure its adequacy and effectiveness.

  • Ensuring continual improvement of our environmental performance.

The scope of the Environmental Management System extends to all Airports Company South Africa buildings, infrastructure and geographical areas within which Airports Company South Africa operates its aeronautical business. Airports Company South Africa managers and staff acknowledge that the implementation of this Environmental Policy is their responsibility and are committed to it. This policy shall be reviewed by management on an annual basis and made available to any interested parties on request.

Environmental Management System

Airports Company South Africa maintains a Corporate Environmental Management System (EMS), which has been developed in accordance with the principles outlined in the ISO 14001 standard. The EMS provides the 'system by which long term and daily environmental management can be planned, implemented and reviewed, in a cycle of continuous improvement.

Airports Company South Africa's EMS comprises of the following main components:

  • Environment Policy

  • Planning, including environmental aspects and risks identification and assessment, objectives, targets and action plans

  • Implementation and Operation, including environmental responsibilities, training and awareness, communication, documentation and operational control, and emergency preparedness and response

  • Checking and Corrective Action, including monitoring, assessment and auditing, and

  • Management Review

ISO 14001 Certification 

In 2011 Cape Town International Airport, Port Elizabeth International Airport, Upington International Airport, East London and George Airport were ISO 14001 certified.

Bird and Wildlife Management

In 1998, Airports Company South Africa entered into a partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust to minimise bird strikes and other contact with wildlife by applying environmentally sensitive management techniques. ​