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Wed 5 August 2015
Cape Town International Airport Cheque Handover Ceremony

Airports Company South Africa, Cape Town International Airport will be hosting its annual Cape Town International Airport Cheque Handover Ceremony through its Socio-Economic Development (SED) programme. This event will showcase the great work of the organisations which the airport supports financially to make a difference in communities. The ceremony will take place on Thursday, 6 August 2015 at the Hub Space Distribution Centre, Ncuma Street, Harare, in Khayelitsha.

The event showcases the impact of each project and presents the airports' long-term beneficiaries with funds to continue their efforts in uplifting surrounding communities of the airport. A networking opportunity for the beneficiaries is created so that they can find ways to leverage off each other's strengths to create a greater impact in communities.

The airport took a decision to support projects which are self-reliant and sustainable. "Our business is not only about airports - it's about giving back to our communities, contributing towards the development and sustainability of our communities is important to us. In this financial year we will be handing over cheques to the value of R1 322 720 to our long term beneficiaries who have been with us for a period of three to five years," said Deborah Francis, Acting Communications Manager at Cape Town International Airport.

The following organisations have been beneficiaries for five years and their funding cycle will be coming to an end.

TRAC: A school based programme which focuses on improving children's exposure to mathematics, science and technology. Through the airport's financial support, learners in communities surrounding the airport have access to programmes that will improve their results and give them opportunities to gain university entrance and obtain bursaries. The airport will donate R240 000 towards the growth and upkeep of the reading room at Nooitgedacht Primary School as well as providing additional training for new teachers.

SPCA: An animal rights protection organisation that protects and cares for over 10 000 animals every year. They never turn away an animal that they can help. Our donation of R100 000 this year will continue to fund the ANIPAL Program, which educates learners about the importance of caring and vaccinating their pets.

Beyond Education – Recycle Swop Shop: Is a recycle swop shop where children from the community are able to bring their recyclable items and swop them for food, toiletries, clothes and so forth. They aim to help underprivileged kids help themselves by finding innovative ways to feed, clothe and get their educational tools. In doing so they are making a difference to the environment whilst empowering the community. Our donation of R100 000 this year will continue to provide funds for the three units in Du Noon, Wesbank and Philippi.

Learn to Earn: The organisation teaches people how to sew, bake, carpentry and graphic design; so that they can become employable, startup businesses and become sustainable. Their slogan is 'a hand up – not a hand out'. We have previously funded the woodwork, graphic design and sewing classes. Our donation of R252 720 this year is for 18 students in the Bake for Profit program.

The following are the organisations that will remain as beneficiaries for yet another financial year while the airport will bring in new organisations for the 2016/217 financial year.

Living through Learning: This organisation trains educators and assist learners with literacy and studying. In February the airport opened the Adventure Reading Room at Nooigedacht Primary School in Bishop Lavis. The airport's contribution for this year is R240 000 for another adventure Reading Room and the location will be announced soon.

FoodPod (Heart Capital): The organisation provides infrastructure for the social businesses to start-up as well as help them with human resource management, marketing, project management, operations and stakeholder relations. Our donation of R200 000 for this year will be for the installation of hydroponic vertical farming in Philippi and Kayamandi. Since the airport's involvement in 2012, the project has created 40 entrepreneurs in Philippi, Khayelitsha and Kayamandi start their own vegetable supplier businesses.

Leliebloem House: Is a residential child and youth care centre for 84 children from troubled families. The Centre reunites children with their families and provides specialist care and intervention for the children that come from high-risk environments, where very poor and negative socio-economic conditions prevail. Through their Isibindi Programme now covers the Grabouw area, where they are working with 385 children with a target of 576 for this financial year. Our donation of R130 000 will be for the Family Reunification Project.

"We pride ourselves in being responsible and caring corporate citizens. Contributing to initiatives that unite families, empower communities; especially programmes which promote childhood development and education is our priority.  Our aim is to commit to projects that are sustainable and that makes a discernable difference in the lives of our communities", concluded Francis.