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Thu 17 December 2015
Peak Season Media Release 2015

Cape Town International Airport ready to welcome visitors to the City

In the month of November total arrivals at the airport grew by an impressive 13% compared to 2014's 5% growth. The month saw a total of 429 464 arriving passengers processed compared to 2014's 381 563. Domestic arrivals grew by a staggering 14% while International arrivals grew by an impressive 7%.

Passenger numbers for the month of October were impressive with Domestic arrivals growing by 9% and International by 17.6% when compared to last year.  "This growth is set to continue as we approach the summer months of January through to March. If this growth continues all indications are that the airport will pass the 9.5 million passenger mark, in fact it is highly likely that by next year this time we will have passed the 10million passenger mark – a very big deal for a City such as ours where we continue to struggle with being seen as a seasonal destination," said Deidre Davids.

The increase in numbers can be attributed to a number of factors. On the regional front, we were joined by Fly Africa which operates the Cape Town/Namibia route as of 3 November 2015. On the domestic front, the airport welcomed Fly Blue Crane, operating a flight between Cape Town and Johannesburg in the month of December, responding to the peak season demand. The airport has seen passenger numbers increase by 8.24% year on year comparing 2015 and 2014.

"The peak season is in full swing as the visitors' stream into the Mother's City. Our seasonal international airlines such as Condor, Edelweiss, Air France, Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa returned in October and we also have Ethiopian Airlines which flies between Cape Town and Addis Ababa. Turkish Airlines commenced its direct daily flight between Istanbul and Cape Town in October. The direct flight will be addressing a growing need among international travellers to fly directly to Cape Town as well as enabling local Cape Town travellers to reach Europe without any stopovers" added Davids.

Airport security will continue to be a focus during this busy period. Airport users and passengers are urged to report suspicious activity and suspicious looking individuals, packages or unattended bags to SAPS, airport security as well as airport staff immediately. "We urge passengers not to say anything which can be deemed a threat as this is viewed seriously. Over the past year we have also experienced passengers making jokes about explosives in their luggage. Any individual who makes such statements at the airport will be arrested and charged under the Civil Aviation Act. ," reported Davids. 

There are a few exciting initiatives on the horizon at the airport and provided regulatory approval is received  airport users can look forward to an improved Domestic Arrivals Terminal with an express route. If positive environmental authorization as well as regulatory approval is received the airport will also realign its runway.  "The runway realignment project is so critical for a region like ours which is heavily reliant on tourism as it is all about unlocking the airports growth potential and making sure that we play our part in ensuring that Cape Town is open for business 356 days a year," concluded Davids.



Editor's Note:

Other Travel Tips to take note of

Please know that your airport experience is important to us. Here are a few tips, to help make your journey smoother.

Ensuring a smooth end - to - end process at the airport:

Cape Town International Airport looks forward to welcoming you this festive season. Here are some tips to help you help us give you a great passenger experience:

Aviation Security Threats

We encourage airport users not to say anything which will be deemed a threat. The airport takes any threats to Aviation Security seriously and we would like to take this opportunity to urge passengers to be mindful and not trivialise having explosives in their luggage. Any individual who makes such statements at the airport will be arrested and charged under the Civil Aviation Act.

Arrive early for your Check-in

Remember to arrive early and take advantage of the online check-in service offered by your airline. Make sure you arrive early - one and a half hours for Domestic flights and two and a half hours for international flights.

Unattended bags

Check-in your bags and do not leave your bags unattended for security purposes. Please report any unattended baggage to the nearest airport representative or SAPS.

Lost or damaged luggage

The airport kindly requests all passengers with lost, stolen or damaged luggage to immediately report this to their airline before leaving the airport. Please take note of the baggage wrap service offered at all our airports.


Airport Emergencies

For medical emergencies, call 021 937 1211. The airport has 14 automatic external defibrillators to be utilised by qualified individuals ONLY should a passenger require resuscitation.

Approved Porters

Use approved porters only. Airport porters can be identified by their black and orange uniform with numbering on the back.


Parking Offering

If you are collecting friends or family members use the 30 minute free parking offering on the ground floor of Parkade 1 but don't overshoot those 30 minutes as steep penalties apply. Going away for more than 5 days? Why not make use of the long stay parking facility in P5.


The busy season is upon us and we are getting ready to facilitate the increase in passenger numbers expected in the next three months. Airport security will continue to be heightened during this busy period.

  • Please immediately report suspicious activity and suspicious looking individuals, packages or unattended bags to SAPS, airport security or Client Managers on the floor identifiable in teal uniforms;
  • Please look after your bags at all times or check them in as soon as you arrive at the airport

    Important Numbers to Note
  • Customer Care: 021 937 1200
  • Flight Information: 086 727 7888
  • South Africa Police Services : 021 927 2900
  • Security Control Room: 021 937 1288
  • Landside Hotline: 021 935 3737
  • Terminal Hotline: 021 936 2562